Lessons in Experiences

With every experience, you have the ability to learn more about yourself. You can learn what you want from life, the type of people you want to surround you, the place you want to live, the job you’d like to have etc.

On that same note, maybe an experience has taught you what you don’t want, the things that don’t work for you, the deal breakers etc…and that’s okay too.  I have learned the most about myself through difficult situations. If I’m faced with a challenging situation I make the decision to look for the lesson to be learned. This has dramatically reshaped my outlook because now I view difficult situations as an opportunity for personal growth. I recognize that not every experience is going to be perfect, but if it brings me closer to becoming my authentic self then I’d say it’s pretty close.

Be open to learning, but most importantly be open to learning more about yourself. Discover your interests and passions. And when you figure out whatever brings you the most joy, do more of it. Make time for it. Make it a priority. Express your passions, interests, aspirations and dreams to those close to you. One of my favourite things to do is to ask people to describe their passions.  I love seeing the spark in their eyes, the irrevocable smile on their faces and to experience the energy they are exuding when they describe something that matters to them.

Learn from each experience; as each experience allows you to uncover more of your authentic self. My experiences have taught me that I thrive when I’m surrounded by nature. That I find immense joy in looking at a beautiful sunset. I’m at complete peace when I’m hiking and surrounded by mountains. I find clarity when I’m near a body of water. And I achieve a new level of happiness when I’m traveling.

Reflect on the experiences you’ve had. What have you learned about yourself?

As always,

I am rooting for you,



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