4 Easy Strategies to Help You Let Go & Heal from Negative Experiences and Trauma

Letting go; to let go of feelings, people and experiences that no longer serve you.To let go of experiences that may have caused you pain and suffering.

It’s not an easy task…I’ll be honest, it’s actually very difficult. But for your own well-being, it is so important to let it go. Let go of it all; not for the person or experience that inflicted/elicited these emotions, but for yourself. I truly believe that letting go allows you to heal and move forward.

I was recently given the opportunity to let go; to let go of negative feelings that I have carried for years. Negative feelings that have truly held me back, feelings that encouraged me to build walls around me and that led me to feel “broken”.

Although I no longer feel broken, letting go of these negative feelings was extremely therapeutic. I hadn’t realized the impact of holding onto those feelings were having on my mind, body and my soul.

I let go of the negative feelings of resentment, hurt and anger; for me.

I did it for me. When I was able to let go, I truly felt like a weight was removed from my shoulders and my heart.
So, if you’re currently holding on to negative emotions, I encourage you to try and let them go. It might take longer than you expect and that’s okay. Do it for yourself. Don’t allow someone’s actions or words dictate the trajectory of your life. Let’s let them go; to no longer feel trapped by your experiences.

This is another opportunity for me to remind you that you are not defined by these experiences; you are so much more.

One thing I know for sure, is that letting go will bring you so much more peace than holding onto these negative experiences ever will.
Let’s all try and let go of feelings and experiences that have held us back in the past. I promise, it is so worth it in the end. Here is my process of letting go:

My Process of Letting Go 

  1. Allow yourself to feel the emotions.
  2. Reflect on the lesson.
  3. Learn, grow & heal
  4. And then, let it go.

As always, I am rooting for you.



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